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20 Best Selling Schoolboy Snacks in 2022

10 Best Selling Schoolboy Snacks in 2022
10 Best Selling Schoolboy Snacks in 2022

From time to time, snacks 90's kids snacks that are usually sold in more or less schools are indeed culinary that is always missed. In fact, when we have been in adulthood and have graduated according to school for many years, but the special snacks of the school will make us miss & want to go home to school days.

Nowadays, some old school snacks have begun to be sold back in this time. Before starting to hunt for special snacks for schoolchildren, first record the list of the best-selling schoolchildren's snacks since the past until now the following version of Bacaterus.

1. Cilok

Who doesn't know using delicious culinary from Bandung on this one? Cilok stands for Aci Dicolok. The shape of this food looks like meatballs. It's just that, cilok is made from tapioca flour, meat, & eggs. As a result, the texture of this cilok tends to be more elastic than beef meatballs in general.

This best-selling schoolboy snack is not only found in Bandung. Cilok has begun to be sold in school grounds in other cities. What makes this cilok taste even more delicious is a mixture of peanut sauce, soy sauce, and chili sauce that is spiked when you want to eat cilok.

2. Es Mambo

In the hot afternoon, school children are certainly very happy to enjoy fresh &sweet drinks. This cheap ice mambo is able to quench thirst during the day. The process of making mambo ice is fairly easy, namely drinking water is given syrup, then put into plastic, tied to the ends, and frozen in the refrigerator.

No wonder the price of this mambo ice itself is fairly cheap. If you miss using this one snack, you can make it yourself in your residence only with syrup sold in supermarkets & ice plastics that are usually sold in the market.

3. Egg Roll Satay

Roller egg skewers are the best-selling schoolchildren's snacks whose manufacturing process is very simple. Unfortunately, this time the egg roller satay has become more sporadically found. However, in some school courts or food courts shopping centers there are still those who sell this culinary.

The way to make egg roll satay is chicken eggs beaten loose & seasoned with salt, pepper, and flavoring, then these eggs are poured slowly into a pan filled with hot oil. Next, take a bamboo skewer then roll the eggs on the pan to the bamboo skewer. The egg roller satay is ready to be enjoyed with chili sauce.

4. Batagor

Batagor or fried tofu meatballs are one of the schoolchildren's snacks that hit too. This special food based on Bandung, West Java is made based on mackerel dough dough and tofu. Usually, batagor is served with peanut seasoning and soy sauce.

But now, the new variant according to batagor has begun to be popular &loved by many people. Yup, the new variant is batagor soup. It tastes equally delicious like a dry brick, you know.

5. Meatball

Meatball dishes with delicious soup are not only a favorite of mothers in the complex, but also liked by schoolchildren. Yes, there are not a few meatball sellers who sell their wares for students to eat.

There are those who sell urate meatballs, skewered meatballs, grilled meatballs, meatball noodles, lambing meatballs & still poly again. The price of meatballs at this school varies depending on the seller himself. Usually meatballs are eaten with clear soup or added sauce, soy sauce, chili sauce & vinegar. Yum!

6. Grilled Sausage

Previously, there was noodle sausage, but this time the best-selling snack for schoolchildren was grilled sausage. If the noodle sausage is cooked using fried means, then this grilled sausage is grilled. But not the origin of the burn, yes. Because, before burning, the sausages are given savory spices.

After it is finished burning, then the sausage is seasoned again. Well, the seasoning can choose itself, there is a BBQ flavor, spicy, salty, and there is even black pepper. Not to forget, mayonnaise and hot sauce are also spread on top of the grilled sausage that has been cooked. It must be delicious!

7. Ping Pong Eggs

It is called ping pong egg because this one omelette is made in a mini round-round pan. As a result, this egg has a round size and is almost like a ping pong ball. This best-selling schoolboy snack has been favored for decades later.

Traders used to wear chicken eggs or quail eggs. Then, the egg is beaten using salt, pepper, &flavoring, and then sprinkled with leeks. Next, the eggs are poured a little into the pan. Ping pong eggs are actually almost the same as roller egg skewers, except that they both have an out-of-tune shape.

8. Martabak Mini

Delicious snacks and other hits at school are small martabak. This martabak is formed with a simple dough of ingredients. Among them are wheat flour, baking soda, eggs, water, sugar &salt. Usually, martabak for example is stuffed with cheese, chocolate, meises or strawberry. The martabak itself is cooked using teflon until cooked, make it and then folded in such a way. It tastes no less good based on expensive martabak-martabak, you know.

The price is not so expensive around Rp. 2000 per piece. In addition to the sweet variant, there are jua small martabak vendors who sell salted small martabak using chicken eggs &sauce on top.

9. Pinch Cake

Maybe some think you've been not weird about these snacks, yes. Cubit cakes are one of the best-selling snacks among schoolchildren. In addition to the delicious and melting taste in the taste buds, of course it has a very affordable price.

Cubit cake itself also has a variety of flavors, there are pandanus, chocolate, and some even add cheese toppings to the top. Well, if you want to snack on Cubit Cakes then you can visit some of the nearest schools. Because, Kue Cubit is now a snack that hits you know.

10. Cilor

There is another, here, snack that is relatively hits among schoolchildren, cilor. From the name alone, it may have been able to be guessed if this snack is made according to cilok material. Yes, you could say this is a cilok, it's just that the cilok is wrapped in an egg, so it's called cilor. Usually, cilor will be given a sauce or peanut seasoning. It tastes delicious &savory, so naturally poly schoolchildren who like cilor snacks.

11. Wet and Dry Macaroni

One of the snacks that is always present in the school environment is wet or dry macaroni. If you want to buy macaroni, you are usually asked if you want a wet or dry one. The difference is that when it is dry, generally the macaroni is fried until kriuk and then given additional spices such as chili powder, bbq seasoning, balado or cheese. And the wet ones, the macaroni are more mushy and not crunched.12. Banana Aroma

Aroma bananas are also still a snack for schoolchildren who hit. Bananas wrapped using spring roll peels are fried and then usually given condensed milk or sprinkled with sugar. It was delicious and filling.

13. Cimol

Snacks made according to this aci are definitely familiar to your ears, ya cimol! Cimol is always present in every school because of its savory taste which is always addictive. Aci, which is fried in a mini round-round bentul, is usually given using compound flavored seasonings such as spicy, salty, balado, cheese seasonings.

14. Cireng Contents

Snacks based on aci are never mistaken, for example, they are cireng. If you generally eat cireng using peanut seasoning, this time cireng has developed into a filling. Usually the fillings based on this stuffed cireng are baso, sausage, cheese, to chicken or beef meat.

15. Chocolate Cheese Grilled Banana

Even though it is a snack for schoolchildren, this snack is liked by many people. Chocolate cheese grilled bananas are also commonly found in cafes as a snack. The bananas are burnt and then sprinkled with cheese / chocolate & this milk is a healthy and filling snack for schoolchildren.

16. Lidi Noodles

Like spicy and savory snacks? This lidi noodle is undoubtedly the right answer. This schoolboy snack is also sought after by adults. The shape that is long, thin, crunched and spiced legit is a snack for schoolchildren who never die. Although it's delicious, but don't be too poly because the seasoning is not good for health.17. Fried Meatballs

Fried meatballs or commonly known as basreng are definitely a hit snack for schoolchildren. Meatballs used are fish balls or aci meatballs. Meatballs are cut lengthwise, then fried according to taste, which is able to be dry or half dry. Then to make it even more delicious, there are several choices of dry seasonings, namely salty, spicy, balado, cheese.

18. Corn Milk Cheese

Jasuke or corn milk cheese is a snack for schoolchildren that poly likes because of the sweet taste of corn. Jasuke is a boiled graceful corn, corn that has been cooked and released from the stem, put in a cup and then greased with milk and cheese. It feels really good

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