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[NOSTALGIA] 36 90s Generation Snacks That Make You Smile For Yourself

[NOSTALGIA] 36 90s Generation Snacks That Make You Smile For Yourself
[NOSTALGIA] 36 90s Generation Snacks That Make You Smile For Yourself

Hope it's not reposted well th90's kids snacks is thread & if there is, ane apologies and don't be thrown a brick well

Children who grew up in the 90s will definitely not be able to forget the snacks they once bought in the canteen or stall. With a very limited pocket money (average Rp 500) & type of snacks that are not poly, this memory is actually very memorable.

What are some snacks that you have eaten in the 90s? Let's reminisce and recall the taste of these snacks through this thread.

90s Generation Snacks That Make You Smile

Chiki Balls was one of the most popular snacks in the 90s. This snack has chocolate and cheese variants and prizes for tazos.

Anak Mas is a spiced noodle snack that was sold in almost every school cafeteria in the 90s. Anak Mas forms our norm to knead noodles. Kremezz noodles are the next generation according to Anak Mas.

Wafer Superman is a snack of the 90s that still survives today. This chocolate-clad wafer is a pioneer according to the emergence of the Superstar wafer.

Once, Pizna fell because he was running around with friends. Cry. Continue to love pizna chimpanzees when it's nyamperin & says, "Here's a meal first. Let it be strong like Superman." :').

Yosan Gum is a gum that can be exchanged for gifts if you exchange 5 paper packages that read the Y-O-S-A-N alphabet.

And the most difficult thing is to follow the alphabet N. That said, in fact, the letter N was never produced.

"You're like the N alphabet on YOSAN gum. It's not possible to be bullied." .

Sugus candy is a variety of flavored candies that are sold cheaply in various stores. The crackle-crackling sound when the packaging was squeezed was very memorable. Is there anyone who still remembers the scent?.

Candy Umbrella is a cone-shaped chocolate harvester for example an umbrella that is being closed.
"If you're ujan, come and doi keep saying, "Eh, ujan. Come on, umbrella!" while holding an umbrella candy over the chairman".

Nano Nano is a unique candy that has a beautiful, sour, and salty taste.
Eating this candy is like falling in love. Rame the taste!.

Cigarette Candy is a brown candy wrapped in paper that resembles a cigarette being ignited by a fire. Once scolded by the teacher because he was mistaken for smoking a real cigarette. And once in a while a mischievous pretentious in front of the cimon (chimpanzee love). Ngisep candy is like a particle that is again crowing..

Jago chocolate is a cheap chocolate that is identical to the wrapper which depicts a rooster.

Krip Krip is a snack in the form of dry noodles packaged on cute & petite packaging. In the place where Pizna used to be, there was nothing that sold this. Duh, Childhood Is Less Happy :'(.

Kenji is a snack like Taro who is identical to using his wrapper with a hilarious Cowboy image. In the past, he often played roles with Pizna friends. If he has become Taro, Pizna will be Kenji. The absurdity of childhood :').

Chocolate Coin is a round-shaped chocolate candy wrapped in gold paper resembling a money coin.

Ayam Gulai Snack is a snack like Chiki Balls, but it has a special taste, namely chicken curry.

Choyo Choyo is a poked chocolate snack that also has a variety of vanilla and strawberry flavors.

Writing can be Choyo-choyo. It's stuck choki-choki.

Tic Tic is a salty snack in the form of a barah match. If you're eating, eat it from dikit-dikit really. One stick can only be 3 bites.

Pop Rocks is a candy snack whose taste is explosively mouthed.

Anak Mamee is a dry noodle snack whose way of eating must be kneaded in the package first. Emm.. Which one do you think Anak Mas vs. Anak Mamee will win?

Hot Pop Candy is a red leg-shaped lollipop.

Jagoan Neon is a multi-flavored lollipop that can make your tongue hue.

Tini Wini Biti is an animal-shaped snack that has a variety of graceful & salty flavors.


Dreamy Candy is a tiny candy that has a variety of flavors such as Cola, Black Forest, Fruit, Milk, & Mint.

22. Semprit's Hollow Candy

Candy Bolong Semprit is a donut-shaped mint that can be used for whistling.
It used to be cool to be able to girls. Although assisted by Permen Bolong.

23. Fried Noodles & Noisy Snacks

Fried Noodles & Noisy Snacks are dry and salty snacks that are sold in small packages.

Taro is a snack that is famous for using its distinctive taste, namely nautical grass. This snack has lasted for a long time in the market until this time.

Gemez noodles are snacks in the form of dry noodles that are identical to the packaging with bald children, for example Boboho.

Mie Lidi is a snack in the form of lidi which is seasoned with salty or spicy powder.

Jamu Buyung Upik is a herbal medicine on cute packaging that has a graceful taste and temulawak aroma.

Potato Tube is a pipe-shaped potato-flavored snack that has a very cheap price.

Twistiko is a snack that has a corn flavor & prizes of various kinds of cute erasers.

Strawberry Candy is a candy that is like a vitamin tablet using strawberry flavor.

31. Pastilles Pagoda Candy

Maybe it's because of the candy we used to feel like a terminator or a robot that can eat iron. Hahaha... the problem is that the pagoda candy must be small in shape & like iron. But the deliciousness of this candy, every time we eat our breath, it becomes relieved because of the taste of mint, Segeeerr deh throat.

32.Milton Pastilles Candy

Mini-age, perhaps milton candy is a type of gem expression fragrance candy that exists. Until then, we were like addicted to eating ni candy. The shape is as good as it is, the taste is cold-cold, how about the expression. If you eat one, you like to feel a loss because it is small in shape, so add it up and continue to add it.

In the past, for mini-children, this is really strange candy because of its taste. This davos candy tastes mint. Every time we eat, in a panic style we undoubtedly say "Pedes... pedes... pedes..." Hahaha...

Do you guys remember the rabbit candy? It's really 'magic' candy. The wrap is edible. Until then, this candy used to be hit by negative rumors that made this candy not come out again. Though enaaakk...

I don't know why I used to really like candy. Even though the shape is mini-mini. But the color makes us curious about the taste. So if it's a candy snack, surely this one is never absent.

From the past until now nyam nyam still exists. The flavor variants are getting more and more poly. Sometimes if you want to buy now, think first, "Which one hasn't been tried yet?" Hahahaha...

So which one is your favorite snack Gan Let's comment on this thread

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