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Snacks Of Old School Children In The Past

Snacks Of Old School Children In The Past
 Snacks Of Old School Children In The Past

Which class of the '90s is the voice? Do you like to miss the old-school snacks of old school children in the past? In addition to playing, snack activities are the things that make children happy the most. Especially if the snacks are of various types, the taste is good, and the shape is cute, it must be a happiness for children.

But unfortunately, his favorite old-school snack poly children of the 90s generation have become increasingly difficult to find. Most of them are no longer produced so they are completely lost in circulation today. Even if there is, the taste is no longer the same as in ancient times.

Of course, it makes you even more missed and nostalgic when talking about snacks in the mini-era era. Therefore, let's Nibble invite you to reminisce about remembering the 10 old-school snacks of the 90s generation. 

1. Chocolate Coin & Rooster

Who doesn't like the name chocolate? Be it children to adults, they will certainly be very happy if they have to enjoy this cocoa preparation. In the past, imported chocolate bars were very expensive, especially for children's snacks, as a result of which cheap chocolate alternatives appeared.

One of his favorite cheap chocolate snacks for children in the 90s is the Rooster brand. The shape of the bar looks like glamorous chocolate, but the texture is easier to break & the taste is super sweet. Usually sold in grocery stalls, children must be very happy with this snack.

Apart from being in the form of bars, there are chocolate jua in the form of gold coin pieces or known as Golden Roundies. The gold color is only the outer packaging, inside there is still a beautiful chocolate taste of children. The price is frugal to make children in those days able to afford this snack to their heart's content.

2. Umbrella Chocolate

The 90s generation has a large selection of old-school snacks made from cheap chocolates that are cute in shape. In addition to the Rooster btg chocolate & gold coin chocolate, another cute option is the umbrella chocolate.

Its cute shape like a small umbrella toy certainly attracted the interest of kindergarten & elementary school children in their time to invade this snack. Plus the colorful hue of the umbrella packaging makes it look even more cute. The taste is very graceful and the texture is soft for children to chew.

3. Chocolate Candy Cup Choyo-Choyo

Still talking about old-school snacks from chocolate ingredients, surely you remember this Choyo-Choyo cup chocolate candy snack. The chocolate products in this mini cup are very iconic & you can find them in grocery stalls in their time.

The small and cute cup packaging creates a way to enjoy it mandatory using a small mini spoon. The chocolate filling is also only a little bit as a result of which the children are obliged to lick the plastic cup to be satisfied. 

4. Yosan Gum

The next old-school snack is Yosan gum which is one of your learning media in chewing gum. This candy, in addition to its sweet taste, is also a medium for children to practice eating chewing gum while creating balloon bubbles on expression. Of course, this is very alluring &popular with children of the 90s generation.

In addition, there is another exciting and interesting thing according to this candy brand, which is that you can collect & string the letters Y-O-S-A-N in it. It is said that the letter N seems to be a mystery to the world, because it is very difficult to find. Quoted from bp-guide, this Yosan company also produces Choyo-Choyo chocolate. 

5. Grandma's Hair

One of the old-school snacks that has a unique shape & feels super beautiful is grandma's hair. The name grandma's hair was taken because of its shape in the form of fine white fibers, for example graying parental hair. Actually, in addition to grandma's hair, this snack is also claimed to be a sweet arbanat &arum.

Grandma's hair is based on granulated sugar & goes through a processing process with special senses as a result of which it takes the form of fine fibers. To make it more attractive, the seller often adds culinary 90's kids snacks colors such as red or pink. The way to eat it is usually handled with homogeneous crackers so as to create for example a sandwich.

6. Cotton candy

Both are made according to pure granulated sugar such as sweet arum, gulali is also a generic snack found in front of elementary schools. How to make it using heating the granulated sugar dough using a little brown sugar until it melts as a caramel. After becoming the caramel, the sellers will make various shape creations according to the caramelized sugar liquid.

The creation of the shape is usually shaped as unique as possible so that it attracts elementary school children to eat it. Moreover, beautiful colors are also spiked such as red, green, yellow, &others. The taste is of course very beautiful and when it is cold the texture is like candy.7. Ice Wax

The decade of the 90s included the boom era of the compound of the senses of electronics, one of which was the refrigerator in Indonesia. Finally, the creation of snacks that are made using the refrigerator freezer is also on the rise, the only error is ice wax. It is called ice wax because it is indeed a shape, for example, a candle bar, especially using colorful colors that arouse the taste buds.

Ice, which is also often considered mambo ice, is made only by inserting a compound of graceful drinks into a plastic container. Furthermore, the ends are tied up and stored in the refrigerator until they freeze. Kids simply bite a little bit of the plastic tip then suck the frozen part inside. 

8. Anakmas Snack

Children of the 80-90s generation are often pampered using snacks in the form of dried noodles that are kneaded and then sprinkled with flavoring powder. One of the most popular dry noodle brands in its time was Anakmas. The wrapper is red and gold with the image of the head of the boy & girl on the front.

But after being spread for a relatively long time, this noodle was withdrawn based on the circulation in 1999 due to the high content of MSG. Furthermore, in the 2000s, this product was re-launched with a new wrap look & seasoning that has been fused using its noodles. But the taste & popularity is no longer capable for example before.

9. Gemez Noodles

Another spiced dry noodle snack besides Anakmas is Gemez Noodles. The way to enjoy it is the same, namely it must be crushed first by kneading, then sprinkled with spices that are already available on the package. It feels legit, crippling makes it very much loved by the children of the 90s to 2000s.

Another interesting thing is that on the packaging wrapper, there is often still free help with fun toy cards. The characteristic of this brand is according to the wrapper which depicts a boy with a bald head and black glasses. The image was inspired by the then-famous character Boboho.10. Snack Kenji

If you know Taro's net snack, then there is a cheaper version called Kenji. In appearance & taste, it is more or less the same, only Kenji's packaging is more mini. The small packaging actually makes it easier for her to fit in children's schoolbags.

This snack has a distinctive packaging with a picture of a hilarious cowboy character & showing 2 flavors. The flavor variant is the taste of chicken for wrapping green color & jerky flavor for blue.

Well, that was a row of old-school snacks for elementary school children in the 90s who made them nostalgic. Do you still remember you like these ancient snacks? Which of your favorites used to be your favorites?

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