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These are the 10 Most Delicious 90's Children's Snacks

These are the 10 Most Delicious 90's Children's Snacks
These are the 10 Most Delicious 90's Children's Snacks

10 Children's Snacks in the 90's –For most children of the 90's generation they will get to know some culinary that in its time is very often encountered and the taste is very delicious. Unlike today's food, the snacks of the past were hard to find & even almost nothing to make it back.

This is due to the high competition of many culinary industries that are competing so that their products are interested in many people and the tendency to increase the price of raw materials can be a major factor in ancient snacks rarely encountered.

In addition to these two things, the development of the rising era has also changed the interest of children of the 20's generation and above in taste for snacks and food.

Children in the 20's prefer snacks that contain flavorings than those made from processed flour or filling ingredients. Therefore, it can be an opportunity for us to be able to spread children's snacks in the 90's so that they can reappear on the surface. 10 Children's Snacks in the 90's 

Ice Cut

Children's snacks in the 90's, which were mainly cut ice, these snacks were very popular in the past, because the characteristic of this snack was that when cut &pierced with skewers, espotong was put into a graceful chocolate sauce.

With a price of 2000 rupiah alone, you can get one piece of ice that is elegant using an out-of-tune taste, there is a green bean flavor, black glutinous rice & coconut flavor. 

Mini Moonlight

Terang bulan kecil jua is a snack of the 90's that had many fans, because this snack is a mini & cheap version of the obvious moon which is generally sold on the side of the road.

With a price of 3000 rupiah alone, you have gotten a good moonlight with various toppings. The toppings provided are generally chocolate, cheese, jam and bananas.

Egg Pentol

The third 90's snack is an egg feeder, this is undoubtedly a snack that is very often found when it is stillSD. So the food is in the form of a mini pentol which is given a mixer egg and fried together on a pan that has a mold.

I was surprised to have found out that you know that this promise still exists today, but the name is tuh pentol koreahehehe.. It's funny, the name, cook it really the same using egg pentol snacks in the past. 

Grandma's Hair

Who likes sweet – elegant? Surely for those of you who have lived in the 90's, it is not uncommon to feel snacks, which is called grandma's hair. This snack is a snack made of a sugar that is cooked with a little water until it is caramelized, then pulled many times until it forms a thin hair.

Usually grandma's hair is eaten with some kind of wafer or savory crackers stacked as 2 and in the middle of it is given grandma's hair. There are now lhoo who sell grandma's hair, even though it's not as popular as it used to be. 

Egg Roll

Not only as a snack for children in the 90's but there are now jua who sell this snack. Surely you also often meet people who sell this culinaryhehe.. Because in addition to the delicious taste, this culinary is also very suitable to be eaten when it is cold weather.

If you used to be able to eat this culinary at a price of 500 rupiah, now you have to pay 1000 rupiah to get 1 skewer of egg rollers. 

Cotton candy

It's almost the same as using grandma's hair, the basic ingredient is sugar, but these snacks are generally served in various shapes created by the seller.

So the salesperson took the caramelwhich was still soft in a pan & put it on a skewer of satay & formed it into a huge variety of shapes, ranging from animals to vegetable shapes. Rangin

This one snack is also not only sold in the 90's, now starting to poly which sells ranginberaneka flavors, ranging from chocolate flavors, cheese, sugar &others.

The most memorable thing in the past was that the rangin sellers of the dahullu era used to use rombongs that were carried and processed using charcoal, so that it had a distinctive aroma like bakaar – burnt. 

Kue Putu

The next snack for children in the 90's is 90's kids snacks putu cake. Kue putu itself is a traditional culinary made of packages that are given a green color & filled using Javanese sugar.

In the 90's until now kueputu has a distinctive sound that makes people know that it is kueputu based on far away though. The cooking method is also quite unique, because the sticky rice is put into a small bamboo & filled with Javanese sugar, then steamed on a small hole.

The nest of advantages – advantages are snackswhich are formed using almost the same dough using pukis, but if the carved cooked is printed pukis, it is different from cobwebs – the advantage. These snacks are cooked on a straight pan in a rambang manner so as to build a pattern like a cobweb – an advantage.

For the taste, don't ask me, it seems that almost all the food of the 90's era was delicious – delicious hehehe.. The price is also cheap, really, you can afford to buy it at a price of 1000 rupiah to 10,000 every once in a while. Because it is still the 90's era, of course, if you buy 2000 rupiah you can already get quite a lot of money. 

Martabak Egg

The last 90's children's snacks were egg martabak, these snacks are very easy to form and simple. You only need eggs and water - you can cook them into relatively many.

Even though it's normal, this snack tastes very good & makes you addicted, especially when eaten with a delicious concoction, bheeh mantaap once bun.. Cover

Those were 10 snacks in the 90's which in their time were very poly sellers and enthusiasts. Well, you can make a business money in the current place, maybe the enthusiasts will be more poly dijam now hehe..

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