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New Players God of War Ragnarok, Know These Important Tips And Play Like An Expert

God of War Ragnarok
 New Players God of War Ragnarok, Know These Important Tips And Play Like An Expert

God of War: Ragnarok is out and already gaining a lot of fans and is proving to be a great sequel to the 2018's God of War.

The sequel is a lot similar to the original, players joining on their first experience may benefit from a few suggestions. Returning players could consider the following tips helpful too.

Here are useful strategies to help you play God of War Ragnarok.

Do everything to destroy it!

There are many vessels, barrels, and boxes all over the nine realms and, although some of them may contain objects, it is beneficial to eliminate them in all. The main reason for this is that they could contain hacksilver. This is an item used as currency to purchase things and upgrade equipment. The rage and health stones are also available in the interior, particularly in boss fights. Take some time exploring the area when you fight the boss. Make the effort to destroy objects to locate some useful items.

Complete all sidequests

After a few hours of playing the game Kratos has some liberty in exploring the realms of nine and finish the side quests or favors. It's tempting to skip these quests to immerse yourself in Ragnarok's captivating story, but do not. Take time to complete the side questsas they're filled with items with more statistics. The gear usually is superior than what you'll get on the storyline main quests. There are more opportunities to upgrade your health and rage and also tools to enhance the equipment.

Learn to parry

It's easy to forget about Kratos shield, but it's extremely helpful during fights particularly against bosses. Shields can have various abilities associated with them and parrying is crucial. Bosses unleash a variety of strong and unblockable attacks that are highlighted by a yellow and a red circle and red circle, respectively. Avoiding them will allow you to survive the battle, however parrying attacks that are yellow will offer you a significant advantage. Parrying well allows you for combos, offers the possibility of increasing the power of Kratos and allows allies to unleash more attack.

Utilize Rage to treat

Spartan Rage is a time-limited mode that allows Kratos to inflict massive damage to opponents. Additionally, it is able to help him heal during fight. Being able to hold on to Rage is crucial in boss fights because it allows you to be used to heal, damage, and even stop certain attacks.

In case you're struggling, lie in a comfortable position and listen

The developer Santa Monica, once again introduced a number of puzzles for Ragnarok. The game requires players to utilize special abilities in Kratos weapons. The locations can be difficult however the developers offer tips through the game's in-game chat. Take a moment and someone will inform Kratos the right thing to watch for. Additionally at times Kratos's companion will also take a look or put themselves at the spot necessary to complete the puzzle.

Do your best to throw enemies towards an edge in order to make them fall off

The enemies in Ragnarok can be soft, which means you have to take on an enormous amount of damage to get them killed. However, there's an option to gain immediate kills on your enemies. If Kratos is close to an edge that he is able to leap between and around, and enemies could fall over by executing the proper combo. The act of knocking enemies up into the air and then juggling them could push them over the edge, causing them to fall to their death. To get a much more simple and guaranteed killing, make use of your Blades of Chaos' grab attack on enemies who jump from ledges to ledges. Make sure you time it perfectly to trigger the blade, and it will grab the enemy, which will allow Kratos to throw them to the ground until they die.

Be on the lookout for signs

If you feel like you've hit a wall be sure to look for symbol or runes. They are scattered throughout the game to indicate the direction to take. They're particularly helpful for long climbs in which climbing the next level isn't as easy to locate.

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