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Permission to Apps Access May Leak Personal Data on iPhone? Do this to prevent it!

App Access
 Permission to Apps Access  May Leak Personal Data on iPhone? Do this to prevent it!

If you are using an iPhone application to the first time could be asked to grant it access to additional features of the phone, for example, your camera. If you're like me , and simply want to get a brand new app to run then you've likely tapped "Allow" without giving it a second thought. You may not be aware that tapping "Allow" will give the app access to additional information about yourself and those close to you.

These apps may be sharing your information with advertising and digital marketing tech companies, without your knowledge. Companies such as Apple as well as Facebook have been sued and paid penalties for allegedly misusing customers' information.

If you've granted a third party iPhone application certain rights, you are able to cancel them at any point. Here's how you can prevent third-party apps from having access to your personal data.

How do you change the third-party app's permissions

Here's how to modify permissions on iOS 16 and later:

1. Make sure to tap Settings in your iPhone.

2. Tap Privacy & Security.

Under Privacy & Security you can choose functions such as Photos, Contacts and Camera to find out the apps from third parties that have asked permission to access this data. For example, tapping Contacts could reveal that a note-taking app is able to access your contact list. You can use the slider on the apps to block access.

More information in Privacy & Security

Alongside revoking permissions for apps under Privacy & Security, you can also control the apps that can access your location information. When you tap Location Services near the top of the menu, you'll have the option to switch these services off or on for all or just a handful of applications on your phone. You can also use in the Share My Location menu to disable or enable Find My iPhone, as and with whom you can share your location.

There's an additional option under Privacy & Security called Apple Advertising. You can tap this to access the targeting information for ads on Apple and to turn these personalized ads off or on. Apple stated that turning the personal ads off makes advertisements that appear in apps like the App Store, Apple News and Stocks less relevant to you, however it won't lessen the number of ads that you encounter in these apps.

You can also enable App Privacy Report by going to your Privacy & Security menu. This report provides information on how often apps have access to your personal data. It also displays the network activity of each app and which domains the apps connect to. To switch these reports off you need to click App Privacy Report then tap to turn on the App Privacy Report. In the beginning, you won't have any data, but when you use your apps, the report will be updated. You can now see which apps are sharing your information the most and limit the amount of data these apps can access.

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